Apr 11

i believe that we will WIN

Apr 2

hand crafted guys.

Mar 30

the innovation of loneliness.

Mar 26

advertising, celebrating soul-sucking manipulations

Mar 23

wholesomeness directed by martin + lindsay.

more from the team of two -

Mar 12

viral. video.

{first kiss}

Mar 7

mcconaissance in true form.

Mar 3


Feb 25

epic surf trip.

directed by, karim rejeb

Feb 14

this guy is not human.  another amazing piece for north face produced by camp 4 collective, directed by renan ozturk

Feb 7

On the 30th birthday of the Mac, we directed 15 camera crews across 10 countries to capture the amazing things people are doing with the power of Apple technology. The ambitious film was shot in a single day, entirely on iPhone.

Jan 17

this is so good.

lance acord + great casting = real moments. 

Oct 30

An all-new thriller from the mind of Wes Anderson, “The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders” starring Edward Norton as Owen Wilson.

Oct 2

fucking genius.

marcel the shell with shoes on

Sep 17

i’m into this new chipotle ad.  solid storytelling by CAA, with tim burton esque  animation by moonbot studios, threaded together by a beautiful track by fiona apple.